TSI International produces a wide range of branded garments with world - class specifications
The company has been a trusted producer and supplier of motorecycle (motor cross) jerscys for renowned brands like Axo, Fox, Answer Racing , O'Neil and No Fear.
We Have also produced mountain bike grment for AXO Cycling and Haro Bike Brands; water sports top for Scubapro which are distributed in Japan and Hong Kong ;shorts for Alpinestas of Italy; and Body Glove -branded apparels which are delivered to Asia and the United States.
The company supplies Body Glove sportswear to Body love (Thailand) Which run about 100 retail outlets in Thailand
At the same time, it serves as clothing contractors for business,government enterprises and educational institutes.
Most of TSI International's production system is based in Bangkok. Production is partly automated and partly manual, thus keeping costs low and maintaining technical quality at its highest